jen went to college

hello! look what i got:

i have other news, too. that there diploma means i can no longer use this URL--and so i've upgraded. baby's first domain!

you can now find me at www.happinessisaporkbun.com (yes, like the beatles song). i've also been working--slaving, actually--for the past few weeks on reformatting all of it, because i'm pretty attached to my enormous archive and didn't want to lose it. i've resized hundreds of pictures, changed thousands of links, and redesigned the whole thing to be cleaner.

it was a strange experience, reliving the past four years of my life in reverse chronology. i have a pretty strong food-association memory, and there were some things that i had been cooking at particularly difficult times in my life that actually gave me a stomach ache to re-read. what was extremely reassuring, though, was the affirmation that i have, in fact, gotten significantly better at this since i started, in writing, cooking, and photography. i've restrained myself from weeding all the embarrassing, sparse, or terribly photographed entries, because they have been very much a part of the process. i remember things that way. i don't want to pretend the screw ups didn't happen.

in any event, i hope you will follow me over to my brand new domain, my dot com.

big besos, lots of queso (hi shawna!),


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